About us

Extreme climbing – leading climbing distributor

providing high quality and low cost climbing equipment.The company was founded in 2008 by climbing enthusiast Tomasz T. 

,,As a climber myself, I was always after the best climbing equipment on the market to feel safe and comfortable on the mountains. I have soon realized, that many products out there are unreasonably expensive in regard to their quality. There came an idea to bring new high quality climbing equipment to the UK market.” 

Tomasz T.


The company was based in Heywood until 2010 when it expand and needed bigger space. At the moment it has office and a big warehouse at one place in Rochdale.

In 2014 eXtreme climbing expand it`s distribution. This allowed the company to employ a Sales Manager, Patricia M., and enhance our customer focused services.

Today we are a leading distributor of climbing equipment in the UK. To be able to deliver very high quality products we are cooperating with Lhotse, Rock Empire, JJW and K2 Sports.

Our biggest partner, Rock Empire, is a specialist in the field of climbing equipment and with their motto ,Functional Design, they develop and offer only what they ourselves have tried. They innovate and produce climbing and working equipment for 20 years and have a great reputation all over the world.

climbing distributor

We are taking pride in our products and services and as a fast growing company we are looking forward to further opportunities to be even better!