Descender R.E.

1361875175descenderSelf-locking brake designed for rappelling. It allows for very precise control of the descent speed.

Code  ZWB001
Weight  340 g
Range of Rope Diameters  8 – 12 mm
Color  grey
Certification  CE 1019
Norm  EN 341/A
  • Self-locking system operates so that the rope is clamped and will not allow movement. To unlock, a lever must be depressed.
  • Rate of descent is controlled by the downward force pressing the free end of the rope
  • Brake has a spring-loaded latch on the side, so it can be placed on the rope, without having to detach it from the harness
  • Ascent is possible without changing the position of the brake, only with the addition of leg irons and another ascender, see figure,,short ascent,,
ascedg Descend a rope using rock empire descender
dfsf Short ascent on the rope

1. The anatomical shape of the handle allows for easy gripping and keeps it parallel to the loading direction. Rubber handle fits comfortably in your hand and is also thermally insulated

2. Fused latch has an anatomical shape which allows for spring-loaded securing of the latch in the open position

3. A small hole in the bottom of the handle can be used to att ach climbing irons with maillons. A second larger hole can be used for connecting slings

4. Slots in the latch automatically remove unwanted dirt that may be on the rope

5. Two openings at the top can be used for a carabiner around the rope for
higher safety

  • The ascender´s body is of aluminum alloy to provide a lower weight
  • Latch securely locks the rope and prevents the ascender for moving against the loading direction
  • Colors for differentiation of ascenders: light grey for the left hand, dark grey for the right hand
  • Used with a single rope with diameters between 8-12 mm
  • Each ascender is marked with a lasered unique identification number