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By Stuart Obbard on 25 Aug 2014

Rock Empire DYNASTOP Lanyard for work, climbing ,via ferrata

Excellent bit of kit. Used it for a 7 day trip to the alps and never failed and the ease of the clipping in and out of the VF’s made a huge difference to my climbing.



By Sam on 4 Apr 2014

Rock Empire nylon sling / polyamid sling / climbing sling in 16mm or 20mm

Seriously well made and although weight is an issue once I rack them all up, they just won’t show any signs of wear either…they are ace. I took my 240 16mm to the chap who is currently teaching me (he is DMM through and through)…he was well impressed. Get one of these to also be a standby to form up an emergency harness. Simply excellent!



By TJ on 11 Mar 2014

Rock Empire HEX Stoppers rock climbing nuts

I bought these a while back, and have climbed with them, and fallen on them too. They’ve held up well to use, and I’ve used them on limestone, hard and soft sandstone, and gritstone, all the time performing well! These, a set of DMM torque nuts, and a set of nuts makes up my standard rack, as these fit most small cracks and crevices that my nuts don’t, and the Torque Nuts take care of anything larger. You can probably find slightly lighter hexes, but gear weight’s not really an issue for me when climbing.

So far, despite numerous placements, they’ve resisted serious scratches and marks and still look new! All good!

On a personal note, I really like their unanodized appearance, I don’t like the ‘fisher price’ look to my rack.


By Maria C. on 3 Mar 2014

Rock Empire Swift Straight or Bent Carabiner / karabiner climbing

For hanging a hammock, I have found none better than the straight. Light as a feather and simple one handed operation, has it hanging in no time. Used it every night for a week ( I sleep in a hammock and wouldn’t have a bed, even as a gift !!!) I would highly recommend and give it top marks.



By Helen Parker on 21 Jan 2014

Chalk bag belt webbing belt for climbing bag

Exactly what is says on the tin. Good quality. Clip waist and also another buckle for the end of the belt so there isn’t a dangling piece. Would highly recommend.


By Aaron Cassells on 9 Dec 2013

Rock Empire SKIALP Harness ski touring harness

Lightweight and strong harness. Easy leg clickers make it very practical with gloves on . Ideal for glacier tours


By Peter Goulding on 14 Oct 2013

Rock Empire Skill Uni Full Body Fall Arrest & Work Positioning Harnesses

Good harness, essentially the same as the equivalent Petzl harness except at about two thirds of the price. When your life depends on these you look at the standards they’re built to rather than the designers logo. If anything this is easier to wear. I look forward to dangling off it.



By Mrs Dorothy Mansley on 12 Oct 2013

5x Rock Empire Promo Carabiners Set, not climbing

Absolutely brilliant, I use these for hanging kite line laundry on to kite lines. Perfect for my needs. Thank you so much.


By Helen Hawkins on 22 Sep 2013

Rock Empire SELLA Rock Climbing full body adult harness

I bought this harness after finding out I was pregnant and have used it from 5 months. On the whole it is very comfortable and most of all has allowed me to continue climbing through my pregnancy. Padding on the leg straps would enhance this product but I have had no problem using it as it is. It feels very secure and well made and has a lot of room for adjustment. Would highly recommend.



By Adrian R. North on 27 Aug 2013

Rock Empire nylon sling / polyamid sling / climbing sling in 16mm or 20mm

We bought this product to be a rescue sling on an open canoe. Initial impressions of the product is that it is well made and looks strong enough to hold an elephant! The stitching on the join is neat, strong and secure. We haven’t tested it out in a real life situation yet but some initial tests indicate that it is more than up for the purpose we need it for. The item was dispatched and delivered promptly and meets all my needs. My only comment (and this is not negative on the product in any way just a heads up for others who are thinking about buying) is that we bought the 160cm sling and didn’t realise that that is the length of the sling when held up rather than the circumference so we got one longer than we needed (total length of the sling in ‘our’ measurements is 320cm). Again this is NOT a negative on the product which is great! If you are looking for a rescue or climbing sling look no further – this one will fulfill your needs.



By Emily Thomas on 7 Aug 2013

Rock Empire Canicross Harness

Very lightweight and ideal for those wanting to run hand free with their dog with lower back problems, as the pull is directed away from your back across your butt.



By Mohammed Zulkernain on 28 Apr 2013

Rock Empire FIGURE EIGHT (Descender) , 8 rock climbing belay

In my view THE ROCK EMPIRE DESCENDER figure 8 is much safer than the ATC belay devices due to better heat dissapation and it can with stand much higher KN of Force. It is also much easier if threading a frozen rope for Ice climbers.



By Graham Mudd on 6 Mar 2013

Caving SPELEO Set

Well balanced, comfy and supportive. High quality webbing with anti-fray protection in the right places, solid stitching and confidence inspiring hanging off a rope. The moveable equipment hanging loops are a nice touch. A real alternative to the Petzl caving harness. Great value too!



By Jason Nicholson on 19 Feb 2013

Rock Empire EIGHT VARIO – Adjustable Chest Harness for climbing

This product is a great addition to any gear rack if you want or need to have the added security of a full body harness from time to time, easy and quick to adjust and wear.


By MARINA M. on 28 Aug 2012

Rock Empire Gloves Rock

These gloves are very light, have a good grip, and allow easy moment of fingers while belaying. Great for hot temperatures.



By Sam on 6 Nov 2012

Rock Empire SPEEDY QB Harness via ferrata

This harness is perfect for our needs. We needed harnesses for our children to use at our local climbing wall so that we didn’t have to keep hiring them. As advertised, this product really is fully adjustable so that it fits our very skinny daughter well. Consequently, the harness is very comfortable despite having no padding. The lack of padding also makes it very light. The special buckles are brilliant; the children can tighten the harness themselves and there is no fiddling about threading the ends of the straps back through the buckles. When taking the harness off the ends of the straps cannot come out of the buckles so you haven’t got to worry about how to rethread them at a later date. This also means that the harness is always ready to put on and there is no confusion working out which bits go where. Another good design point is that the elastic straps attaching the back of the leg loops to the harness is not fixed, so whatever your waist size the elastic strap is always at the centre of your back, not pulled over to one side or the other – no wedgies!