Motive – Socks like a deodorant


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The “socks like a deodorant” term means exceptional hygiene. It is a unique solution allowing efficient antibacterial and antifungal action of the socks. Words of DEO or DEODORANT included in their names are not accidental as the socks have properties of an odourless deodorant – they prevent bad smell when worn. Those washing-resistant properties are achieved in two ways:

The first method consists in permanent inclusion of a special finish, licensed by the Swiss company of Sanitized® (license No. 1138.08), in the sock fibres. The license can be granted only to a manufacturer that ensures the highest quality of the manufacturing process. The proof of the recognition of high quality and health properties of socks manufactured by JJW with Sanitized® finish is the Swiss Sanitized® Certificate granted to the product.

The other solution applied to the latest generation sport and medical socks consists in the use of special yarns with silver ion content which ensures firm and long-lasting antibacterial and antifungal action to guarantee anti-odour control.

Each type of socks of the above mentioned properties is marked on the web site with Sanitized®