Products of PPE



To ensure the safety of persons using personal protection equipment it is necessary to review and observe the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. These guidelines can be found in each instruction manual specific to the various personal protection equipment. In addition to the rules of use, the manufacturer of personal protection equipment also determines the need to implement inspection, the frequency of inspections and persons qualified to perform these checks. Regular inspections reduce the risk of possible injury to persons using the personal protection equipment and are required by law EN 365.

ROCK EMPIRE sets the maximum lifetime of their personal protection equipment. Inspection of ROCK EMPIRE personal protection equipment may only be done by persons with a valid certificate issued by the company or by a holder of a valid license from IRATA with a Sprat level 3. If the inspector authorized by ROCK EMPIRE finds that a product is not eligible for additional safe use, it is within his powers to recommend disposal even if the life span of the product has not yet expired.


Activities, for which personal protection equipment (PPE) is needed, can be dangerous to your life and health. For your safety, please note:

  • Always read the PPE instructions for use before first use and keep for reference
  • Always use the PPE in the manner for which they were intended
  • Attend the required certification and re-certification courses
  • Inspect older and worn PPE and, when required, have your equipment inspected by a certified PPE examiner
  • In the event of questions or uncertainty about use of our PPE products, please contact ROCK EMPIRE Inc.