New one size, fully adjustable and comfortable sport climbing harness. Conically shaped legs fit every leg type and gives high comfort. One quick buckle on the waist belt helps for quick and safe adjusment. This harness is sold only in a set together with the HMS 120 and guard or eight. Made in Czech Republic.

*innovative ergonomic waist and legs
*adjustable leg loops
*3D padding
*4 quick buckles 20mm
*4 gear loops for the material (strength 5 kg)
*light weight belay loop in a contrasting color (width 16mm, 15kN)
*quality foam with high dimensional stability

Code: VUS008
Weight: 456 g
Size: one size (S-XL)
Waist: 75 – 100 / 29,52 – 39,37 in
Legs: 53 – 66 cm / 20,86 – 25,98 in
Colour: jeans, (red/grey-only in set)
Norms EN 12277
Certification 1019